Steven McClintock and Tim James Auringer, both working musicians in the thriving club scene in Newport Beach, thought their music together could make a difference. So they started their own publishing company that today boast of over 3000 songs. The name, inspired by Lennon and McCartney (Beatles) publishing company MacLen Music, was chosen, a creative path set, and the writing and pitching of songs began and has continued for 45 years. Sporting two BMI Millionaire awards, many multi platinum awards and dozens of gold awards in dozens of countries, McJames Music Inc. continues to seek out new talent and explore new ideas and avenues. more…

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Our song catalog, features hundreds of tracks that you can filter by length, cut type, genre, tempo and more! Plus you can listen to the entire track, not just a clip.  Find the perfect song for your television show, movie, video game, or other project, all in one place.

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Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson is an international entertainer who has been thrilling audiences for the past 2 years in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia [...]

Michael Peterson

Michael James Peterson (born August 7, 1959) is an American country music artist. He made his debut on the country music scene [...]

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