1.            Sign with a reputable Publisher that can exploit, collect, and protect your works.

2.            Carefully review your contracts.

3.            Don’t sign away your rights.

4.            Surround yourself with professionals who add value to your talent.  Rid yourself of “hanger ons”.

5.            Weigh the long term benefits of a deal vs. the initial advance and choose carefully.

6.            Use your advance wisely.  Invest time and resources that will advance your career.

7.            Don’t write songs with a single one off opportunity in mind.  Develop them for a broader base.

8.            Communicate often with your Administrator.

9.            Check our resources often to see “who’s looking”.

10.          Follow pitch requests carefully and turn in suitable material.

11.          Deliver songs in a timely manner.

12.          When turning in material remember, QUALITY is better than QUANTITY

13.          Deliver your songs with complete and accurate songwriters split details.

14.          Don’t miss opportunities to network.

15.          Be open to allowing use of your songs in various emerging technologies (it’s our future).

16.          Be open to International opportunities.

17.          Be willing to collaborate with other songwriters.

18.          Write to your strength.  Don’t spend time chasing trends.

19.          Carefully review your statements – keep address and tax information updated.

20.          Keep your Discography and Bio current.

courtesy  The Royalty Network administer for McJames Music Inc. North America, Europe and Japan