The only product made by every single country in the world. As universal as, well, BEER. What a better way to celebrate such a product than with a CD totally dedicated to BEER. A 12 pack of little BEER songs for every occasion or actually the only occasion that really matters, drinking BEER. So sit back, pop at top and listen as you drink you’re very favorite BEER, or is it BEERS?

Beer Me – Kevin Fisher

When we found Kevin Fisher, he was sitting on a fence between rock and roll and country. He couldn’t decide between Chardonnay and Beer. He was in a band called Hank Zeppelin. He was in a constant state of confusion about what to listen to, what to drink and what to play.

So there Kevin sat, box of wine on his left and a twelve pack on his right. All of a sudden, out of the Beer Blue Sky, a vision of Hank William Shakesbeer showed up with two tall icy cold cans of beer. Billy Shakesbeer hovered over Kevin and spoke these words, “Son, pop a top and let country be your rock. If you can’t find it in Country music and beer you can’t find it.

Kevin’s life now had meaning: beer.
Kevin’s life now had purpose: beer.
Kevin’s thirst now had been quenched: beer.
Quench YOUR thirst: Drink in this 12 pack and  BEER ME!

“For those of us who enjoy suds, there’s only two kinds of Beer. The kind you like and the kind you LOVE. This is a twelve pack I will pick up again and again. I will share it with friends at every party. In fact I’m going to throw a “Beer Party” as an excuse to do just that. We’ll all be up to our ears in laughter and “BEER”!  Michael Peterson Billboard Country Artist of the year



Beer Me

I Wish You Were Beer

Dog Beers

Better beer

Beerly Beloved

Beer Thirty

Beer In The Fridge

Beer Blue Sky

Last Call

Produced for McJames Music Inc.  by Steven McClintock, Tim James, and Kevin Fisher
c p 2017
37 Records