Mcjames music is proud to represent these great artists at Midem 2016

 Emerson Star


Sometimes all you need is a simple guitar line and a moody melody. Other times you need dissonant three part harmonies over tantric rhythms and heavy lead guitar fuzz. And once in a while you just need a shot of whiskey and some pickle juice. Read more….





img-mxms-5_124642656388There isn’t much room for shadows these days, at least in contemporary music. Issues like loss, addiction, and mental illness appear, for the most part, to be subjects relegated to the post-punk Goth-rock bands of the early ’80s and the bygone pillars of the ’90s grunge revolution. For Jeremy Dawson and Ariel Levitan, however, it was the shadows that brought them together— even their name stands for “Me and My Shadow.” read more here...


Kevin Fisher

kevin_fisher_v2Kevin Fisher is a songwriter…solid and successful.  He took his skills he learned from being a singer and writer for SOCAL’s critically acclaimed band, Naked to the World, voted Acoustic Band of the Year by the National Academy of Songwriters, and put it into a bunch of gold and platinum recordings by singers like Sara Evans, Rascal Flatts and Uncle Kracker.  Along the way picking up cuts by Tim Rushlow, Little Big Town, Paul Anka, Hiroshima and more. Read more here…



Jennifer Baker

Jennifer Baker 5.16When I first started writing songs it was something I did to express what I don’t say out loud. What I couldn’t say–or rather what I wish I could say if I had more courage or if I were more intelligent in the heat of a moment.

It means so much that other people find themselves relating to my lyrics, my stories, etc. It’s why I continued to pursue learning music, and why I continue writing songs. It’s necessary for me to have this outlet for myself, for expression, and I hope that in some way my music touches you :) read more here…




Paul Jefferson


Reagan Johnson

Joey Clarkson

Autumn Wood