When the wife and son of the president on an unnamed African nation are kidnapped by terrorists led by the murderous Tabak, a corrupt American intelligence agent (Harry Applegate), contacts an American ex-CIA agent (Monroe Bieler) in a Morrocan prison, to break out and help rescue the wife and son of the president to be on good terms with the nation’s government. After escaping, Bieler is partners with a dubious partner, Chuck, to assist him, as well as a former flame and CIA helicopter pilot, Samantha, to provide assistance. When Bieler begins not to trust Chuck, suspecting that he has an ulterior motive for the mission, Bieler makes contact with a former Green Beret officer-turned-gunrunner, Dutch to tag along to track down Tabrak and his Arab army of rebels and find the president’s wife and son before it’s too late.


Songs and Score from the Motion Picture Code Name: Vengeance
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