Movie Plot: An ex-cop turned bounty hunter shows up in a small town looking for a man who’s jumped bail. However, the real reason he’s there is to avenge his old friend, an Indian who lived in the area and was murdered by the local sheriff, who is trying to get the Indians to sell their land cheaply so an oil company can move in and take over the land, which they believe sits on top of large reserves of oil.


Score Info: Action Packed score written by Mark Mancina, Tim James Auringer, Steven McClintock and Tim Heintz). One of Mark Mancina’s early scores. (Pre Twister, August Rush, Tarzan, Training Day) with original songs  Just a Little ( Steven McClintock, Tim James Auringer and Mark Mancina), I’m A Cowboy ( Tim James Auringer) Next Time Boy ( Steven McClintock and John Jorgenson) and the beautiful end theme ballad I Dream (Steven McClintock-Tim James Auringer)


Songs and Score from the motion picture The Bounty Hunter
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